Wealth Management

The goal of asset allocation is to maximize your desired return with the minimum amount of volatility. A simple formula perhaps – but not always so simple to achieve.

Your allocation will depand on a number of factors - including liquidity requirements, risk preferences, time horizon and return expectations. However, as your wealth increases, other personal needs and priorities will influence your allocation decisions. Things like:

  • Estate planning
  • Tax minimization
  • Asset transfer
  • Charitable intentions

The diagram below illustrates our areas of specialty at Quarter5.

Picture a successful middle manager in his 30's. He's financially asture and has been forward thinking enough to have carefully thought-out and crafted a plan to achieve multiple objectives for his future. These might be things like:

  • Producing income for his retirement
  • Providing growth potential for his family's financial security
  • Fulfilling his charitable intentions
  • Minimizing his estate taxes

This is all commendable, but his investesments do not match his plan's objectives. All his meaningful planning opportunities can be reduced to nothing.

If he was to team up to coordinate resources, expertise strategies, our trust and investment professionals could help him make the most of his investments.

The only way to gain full control and have a specific plan for the future wealth of your family and company is to minimize personal risk and maimize personal assests. This of course may seem obvious but is surprisingly difficult to put into practice.

The diagram below explains wealth management clearly. You'll see for yourself how our process offers a level of financial stability and independence which is the ultimate goal of wealth management.


The Investment Portfolio Optimizer™

This product evaluates your investment portfolio to determine whether your assest allocation is appropriate for the return needed to meet your goals. In addition, the risk inherent in your portfolio is evaluated and compared to your 'Risk Pofile' to ensure you are comfortable with the amount of risk being taken. The goal of "The Investment Portfolio Optimizer™" is to optimize the return needed for you to meet your goals while taking the least amount of risk. You will receive a written Investment Policy Statement with an assest allocation specifually tailored to you and your goals.

The Financial Independence Expander™

This takes the power of The Investment Portfolio Optimizer™ and The Cash Flow Optimizer™ and culminates in the development of the recommendations and action steps to meet your medium and long-term goals. Your receive a concise executive summary and a detailed analysis explaning the Milestone (goal), the amount required to fund the goal and the specific recommendations and actiion plan required to achieve the Milestone.

The Loved One's Letter™

This is a document that instructs your family and friends on exactly who to contact in case of an emergency and includes a comprehensive list of all the assests, liabilities, insurance policies, trust documents and Wills. The Loved One's Letter™ provides a piece of mind for the family member who is not primarily responsible for the personal finances.

The Estate Planner™

The Estate Planner™ ensures an orderly and efficient transfer of your wealth according to your wishes. The Estate Planner™ enables you to maximize your Estate for your beneficiaries by reduciing the tax burden. In addition, The Estate Planner™ will make sure that your Will is adequate, your assests and liabilities are correctly titled, and all your beneficiaries are designated.

The Wealth Protector™

This gives you a comprehensive evaluation of all the risks that threaten you and your wealth. The Wealth Protector™ ensures that you, your family and your assests are protected. Your risk management philosophy will be developed and your current insurance is evaluated to determine whether you have gaps in your coverage, or if you have the right coverage(s) and plans in place.

The Income Tax Strategy™

The Income Tax Strategy™ ensures that your taxes are being reduced fo the lowest amount legally possible. Throughout the year, your tax situation is being monitored and evaluated to ensure that you are taking advantage of every tax-deferred savings vehicle and tax deduction possible. Through tax sensitive portfolio management techniques we minimize the effects of capital gains distributions to you. The Income Tax Strategy™ includes the preparation of an income tax projection before the end of the year to determine if there are additional planning opportunities to lower your tax liability.

Your net gains from The Progression of Wealth Process™

Once you have completed The Progression of Wealth Process™, you will have accelerated your progress toward financial independence. You will have a clear vision of your future and a sound plan to achieve it. In addition, you will be able to:

  • Save more money
  • Your assests will be properly allocated, structured and protected
  • Your investment portfolio will be optimized to maximize your return and minimize your risk
  • You will have a comprehensive risk management and estate plan
  • You will have reduced your taxes and you will never have to worry about money again

But most importantly, you will be making more money, enhancing your lifestyle and achieving your goals - personal and financial.


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